The New Hustle!

I'm working with a small group of committed DJs for 4-weeks in an intensive process to get you more gigs booked for more money.

I call this “The New Hustle”!

Why? Because in today’s economy, you HAVE to adapt to new ways of booking gigs.

Here is what you'll get in The New Hustle:

A systematic approach for your whole sales cycle so that you develop a PLAN you can always reference for your business/career.

HOW TO TALK TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS and what to say so you start closing way more bookings, at higher rates. NEVER get stuck on a sales call ever again!

A simple, foolproof method to GROW YOUR NETWORK so you can create meaningful connections because when someone wants a DJ, they want YOU!

A real-world approach to RAISE YOUR RATES so you can book gigs at TOP DOLLAR!

How to GENERATE LEADS in unconventional ways, so that you can be making more money NOW!

FUNDAMENTAL sales skills that will support you for the rest of your life, even for things outside of DJ’ing!

Methods to execute unconventional ways of getting paid to do livestreams like I’ve been doing for the past 5 months.

Here's how it's going down...

First - Weekly Group Calls

I have group calls every week. We’re going to get together via Zoom and talk about specific topics related to sales, networking, and how to execute and future proof your DJ business during the pandemic. You’ll also get plenty of one on one time with me during these calls where you can ask me questions and we’ll dive into whatever problems you are having and discuss. The best breakthroughs happen when you can talk it out with someone!

Second - Videos from my

Spin To Six System

You’ll get laser-targeted videos every week where I'll give you my system for booking more gigs for more money. This system is exactly the same I give students of my Spin to Six program (a $5000 course.)

By the way, the group calls are also recorded and posted with the weekly videos on the members site that you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to. You can go back at anytime for refreshers!

Third - The Facebook accountability group

You will get special access to a Facebook group specific to this course. This is your opportunity to network with other DJs and I’ll check in with you here on your progress.

Fourth - Support from Shammy Dee

I’ll be working with you personally in a small group, and I only work with people who can implement, test, and report back on the results.

I'm looking to create some amazing case studies, so I’ll be spending some one on one time with you to make sure we maximize your results.

The more you execute, the more I’ll work with you. And, again, you’ll have access to the videos, recordings, and guides that you can reference for the future.

You'll also get some

helpful bonuses...

Bonus #1 - Develop your Gift of Gab

You'll love this bonus. I’m holding separate weekly sessions where we work through your sales call IN REAL TIME! You will get a chance to practice your talk in a group setting with me and other DJs. You’ll get INSTANT feedback in how to get better. That kind of instant feedback got one of my DJs so pumped, he knocked it out of the park with his next call the day after. He nailed an NYE gig at top dollar!

These Sales Call Sessions alone are worth $1000, but it’s a part of The New Hustle at no extra cost to you. These sessions alone will help you pay for course with one gig!

Bonus #2 - The 7-Step Livestream Course

And, as another bonus, I’ll give you access to my 7-Step Livestream Course as livestreaming is a CRUCIAL way for DJs to book gigs right now. This course is about helping you get setup to livestream effectively AND show you other ways to promote your streams to bring YOU more attention…and book more gigs!

An Accessible Investment

This kind of coaching can easily cost upwards of $2500 or more...

But, for all of this coaching & ongoing support, your investment is just $1000.

If you want to split up the money into 4 x $250, that's okay too.

Also if you go through the intensive, do all the actions and don't get way beyond the value of your investment, I'll give you all your money back.

We start November 1st, 4 PM PST.

I can't wait to work with you to get you those gigs!




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